No Thank You, WordPress

March 4, 2010

Though I was more familiar with Blogger when I started this blog, I wanted to give WordPress a try.  It looked so  new and exciting.  Blogger was open to the idea, so I decided to start No More a Rake with WordPress.  Things were going well at the beginning.  We stayed up late together.  I got to know it pretty well.

But then I wanted to try things that made WordPress uncomfortable, things that Blogger was totally cool with.  For example, I made a banner for the blog on GIMP, a Photoshop-like image manipulating program.  I spent hours on the thing (and it still looks pretty crude), only to discover that this WordPress template won’t let me paste it up without paying $15.00 a year.  There still might be a way, I’m not the most technically savvy person.  I am, however, a rational actor.  I can’t spend any more time trying to figure it out, and I’m certainly not going to pay for something I know I can do with Blogger for free.

Sorry, WordPress.  I’m so done with you.

To my four readers, please find my new blog (and the banner that I tried to make) at

Muchos gracias.


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