Merlin Kicked Me

March 3, 2010

Andrea read in one (of her dozens) of pregnancy books that by now a person might be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat if he puts his ear up to the pregnant woman’s belly.

I tried the other day and was greeted instead with a little bump to the side of my head.

“Hey!”  I yelled at her belly.  “You can’t kick your dad!”

I put my ear to her belly again and immediately felt that same thing.

That little turd.


3 Responses to “Merlin Kicked Me”

  1. Adam Says:


  2. sai Says:

    yeah that’s right. he’s testing you. and already he’s got you wrapped around his little finger.

  3. MOM Says:

    I LOVE that picture of you, very cool! I’m sorry your little boy kicked you in the head, you probably woke him up and made him mad! love you mom

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